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MADE IN VORARLBERG - Special Souvenirs

Whether culinary or hand-crafted, holiday souvenirs par excellence from
Vorarlberg are:

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    Fenkart in Hohenems caters to sweet-toothed sophisticates

    Master Chocolatier Fenkart concocts all good things chocolaty from superb Caribbean cocoa and regional ingredients like whey-based caramel (“Sig”) or fine fruit brandies. His production programme ranges from light and dark chocolate compositions, chocolate sequins, drinking chocolate, and unblended top-quality cocoa.

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    Healthy food that pampers the palate

    The Schobel family, from Höchst on the shore of Lake Constance, specialises in making dried fruit that tastes delicious and is rich in vitamins, enzymes, minerals and trace elements. Using a specially devised technique that leaves all the valuable ingredients intact, the Schobels dry apricots, apples, damsons and strawberries. They also produce apple bread, pickled glacéed walnuts, fine fruit spirits and specialities like calamus brandy, which helps to settle an upset stomach.

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    Alpine rose honey from the Kleinwalsertal

    Achim Schneider has kept bees for many years. On the mountain pastures and in the forests of the Kleinwalsertal they find nutrition in abundance. The nectar and honeydew make outstanding honey varieties such as alpine rose and mountain blossom honey. These specialities are on sale in Riezlern and on-line.

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    Frau Kaufmann: teacher, cook and saleswoman

    Karin Kaufmann runs cooking courses that focus on regional and seasonal specialities, prepared according to recipes of yesteryear fine-tuned for the modern-day palate. As a setting for her courses, Frau Kaufmann has turned the Gasthaus Engel in Egg, a traditional Bregenzerwald inn that has been painstakingly renovated, into a cooking school. She holds several courses each month. Karin Kaufmann has recently opened her own shop in the “Engel”. Here she sells local and homemade produce as well as cooking utensils which she has devised in collaboration with Bregenzerwald craftsmen – such as a gadget for making soup pearls. The shop is open during courses and at certain other times. There is also an on-line shop.

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    Claudia Kepp’s winter dreams

    Claudia Kepp, a mother of six children, has a special gift for making preserves out of the fruit she picks in the woods and in her garden. What began as an enjoyable pastime has now become her line of business. And a flourishing business it is too, as evidenced by the awards which she frequently garners for her produce. Her winter fruit spreads go by fanciful names like “Baked Apple Dream”, “Antifreeze” and “Shooting Star”. Her chutneys, mustards and pickled vegetables make a tasty accompaniment to fish, meat and cheese.

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    Kuh- und Ziegenmilchkäse von Ingo Metzler

    Cow and goat-milk cheese by Ingo Metzler in Egg

    Ingo Metzler from the Bregenzerwald town of Egg is a dairy farmer with a bent for innovation. He made his name with his skin-care products based on whey. But he also has a special knack for turning his cow- and goat-milk into cheese. His farm shop and his on-line outlet sell a wide selection of produce, from Bregenzerwald “Bergkäse” to “Muh” camembert and “Wäldar” goat-milk cheese.

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