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Outdoor Adventures in Vorarlberg

What an elating feeling, having conquered a summit or finished a tour you would have never dreamt of mastering. There are myriads of ways for activity-bent holiday-makers to discover the mountains and valleys in Vorarlberg: with a little extra outside boost on e-bikes, or by sheer muscle power on mountain runs. Guided tours are staged everywhere. For those of a more laid-back nature, there are many interesting sports events and competitions to watch.

Outdoor-Vorarlberg Canyoning
Wonderful canyoning locations in the stunning Nature of Vorarlberg
Professional outdoor companies in Vorarlberg

The high alps are a tempting invitation to high-adrenalin tours and sports such as carving, canyoning, paragliding or rafting. Several outdoor organisers offer guided programmes for beginners and experts alike.

Outdoor Vorarlberg

is the brand of professional outdoor operators in Vorarlberg and supported by the Vorarlberg State Tourist Board.

Enjoying this privilege, we can offer maximum quality and security standards in all our outdoor adventure programmes, for individualists, families, and companies. Our joint platform is focused on continuous improvement and innovation in the full range of outdoor sports: from rafting, canyoning, paragliding, caving, climbing, mountain biking and wilderness courses ... to bungee jumping from a 106m-high bridge. Adrenaline levels sometimes soar. Rightly so, since we all want to benefit from each other’s experience.

HIGH 5 _ Rafting_200px.jpeg

Outdoor-Trophy: August 12, 2017
The inofficial world championship in outdoor sports

Extreme sports at its best: the outdoor sport world elite competed in a thrilling outdoortrophy in Lingenau, Bregenzwald (Austria). 

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