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Modern Architecture in Vorarlberg

Architecture Land Vorarlberg & Modern Hospitality
The booklets architecture land vorarlberg and Modern Hospitality present exceptional architectural sites and 18 hotels of outstanding design.

The Expression of Form

Booklet "Architektur Land Vorarlberg"
Clubhaus Hafen Rohner, Fußach Ach.: Baumschlager & Eberle, 2008; Foto: Lucia Degonda

The stunningly harmonious blend of contemporary and modern architecture makes for interesting contrasts all over Vorarlberg. Design does not follow fashion, but strives for timeless beauty. Buildings fit seamlessly into the landscape and live up to highest aesthetical and ecological standards.

Design with a difference
Vorarlberg's contemporary architecture is genuinely striking. Using mostly timber, architects and craftspeople reinvent building traditions. With their clear lines, the new buildings are downright eye-catchers, whilst seamlessly blending into the surroundings. The interior design is unmatched in its elaborate sophistication. Low-energy design is a matter of course, as much as ecologically-minded furniture and materials. This is where the craftspeople come in. Matching the modern architecture, relying on age-old techniques, and with a good measure of creativity and imagination, they design tables and chairs, beds and lounges, shelves and cupboards, and a lot more. The result is living spaces that are not only beautiful to look at, but pleasant to dwell in. Vorarlberg has long garnered a reputation for its wealth of architecturally outstanding buildings and as a model region for energy efficient and ecological building.

The communal home is an illusion, a place where no one has ever been, some say. Illusions and projections are the most real thing that we can have, they are what give life sense and directions, others say. Modern building in Vorarlberg creates a communal home without borders - not as a utopia, but as locations rooted as communities with a universal future.

Architecture and Tourism
And when the tourism arrives, then it is truly exquisite, authentic, sustainably unmistakable - fostering relationships between peoples, between societies, between nature and structural interventions, between raw landscape and development.