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Architecture Land Vorarlberg

Contemporary architecture in Vorarlberg looks very modern, but does not take its cue from the fashion of the moment. Architects rely on their knowledge of building traditions and a natural understanding of what is right for a given site. Using resources sparingly is equally important. In the Bregenzerwald, the Werkraum atelier, a showcase of craftsmanship, is to open its doors.

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    NEW Bus:Stop in Krumbach

    From May 2014, seven new bus stops will be adorning the area around Krumbach, Bregenzerwald. Seven renowned architects have redesigned the seven bus stops.

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    Festspielhaus Bregenz, Abend

    Architecture and Culture Live

    The urban festival house in Bregenz on Lake Constance and the new vorarlberg museum with its original concrete flower facade. The number of contemporary buildings you come across in the towns in the Lake Constance Vorarlberg region is sheer amazing.

    validity:  1.1.-30.11.2014
    price: per person from € 167

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    Werkraum Haus Bregenzerwald, Foto: Adolf Bereuter

    Werkraum Building in the Bregenzerwald

    In summer 2013, the Werkraum building opened in the centre of Andelsbuch.

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    Acclaimed Architecture in Tourism

    The stunningly harmonious blend of contemporary and modern architecture makes for interesting contrasts all over Vorarlberg. Find here examples for award-winning buildings of touristic interest in Vorarlberg.

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    Modern Architecture in Vorarlberg

    Architecture Land Vorarlberg & Modern Hospitality
    The booklets architecture land vorarlberg and Modern Hospitality present exceptional architectural sites and 18 hotels of outstanding design.

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