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Mountain feel - Hiking Holidays in Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg offers ideal terrain for leisurely walks and strenuous hikes. Hiking the Horizon Field landscape installation is the thing of the moment. Themed trails inform visitors about the local history and natural attractions.

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    Mehrtägige Wanderung Lechquellenrunde in Lech Zuers am Arlberg

    Several-day hiking tours in Vorarlberg

    For a perfect time out, go on a hiking tour where you spend the night on the mountains. In Vorarlberg, there are several rewarding routes to huts in splendid location.

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    Sonnenaufgangswanderung in Vorarlberg

    Sunrise or Sunset Tours

    At 3 clock early in the morning, with headlamps towards the summit. From step to step the day brightens until we reach the top...

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    "Natursprünge" Trail in the Brandnertal - in winter

    Where does the weather come from? How do the rocks end up on the mountains? And what is going on at an alp?

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    Min Weag, Wanderetappe, Batzenalpe, (c)Ludwig Berchtold, Vorarlberg Tourismus GmbH.

    Alpine Pastures

    Mountains and alps – as alpine pastures are called in the Alemannic language area – have been a characteristic feature of Vorarlberg’s landscape for centuries. To this day, there are three stages to alpine pasturing: from the valley, the animals, mostly cows, are moved up to what is called “vorsäss” or “maisäss” in early summer, then on to the “high alp” in high summer and back to the valley, by stages, in the autumn.

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    Min Weag, Wanderetappe, Batzenalpe, (c)Ludwig Berchtold, Vorarlberg Tourismus GmbH.

    NEW Min Weag – Circuit around Vorarlberg

    ‘Min Weag‘ is Vorarlberg vernacular meaning ‘my way‘. This new circuit has been developed by the Vorarlberg State Tourist Board in cooperation with local mountain guides, who edited the different hand-picked tours.

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    The Green Ring in Lech / Arlberg

    Many of Vorarlberg’s hiking trails tell about history, civilisation or peculiarities of nature.

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    Lebensfeuer® Kleinwalsertal

    Kleinwalsertal: The First Lebensfeuer® Region

    The Kleinwalsertal is the world’s first Lebensfeuer® region. Trained Lebensfeuer® coaches offer this diagnostic measurement of vital energy, or ‘lifefire’, in six premium partner hotels. In addition, free-lance coaches offer their services at a number of other hotels.

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    Gauertaler Alpkultour Weg, Montafon

    Exploring the Cultural Landscape on Foot

    In all regions there are themed trails that familiarise hikers with local history and civilisation and natural attractions.

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    Guided Walks

    In all regions there are guided walks where you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains and explore the whole region.

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