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Kleinwalsertal: The First Lebensfeuer® Region

The Kleinwalsertal is the world’s first Lebensfeuer® region. Trained Lebensfeuer® coaches offer this diagnostic measurement of vital energy, or ‘lifefire’, in six premium partner hotels. In addition, free-lance coaches offer their services at a number of other hotels.

Lebensfeuer Messung im Hotel Erlebach im Kleinwalsertal.
Lebensfeuer® Kleinwalsertal
In order to measure lifefire, a small device is used to record a person’s heart rate over a period of 24 hours which is then mapped in a coloured graph. The measurement furnishes information on vital health issues: What is my biological age? Which untapped energies slumber in my body? How much stress can I take? How much time do I need to regenerate physically and mentally?

This method was invented by Dr. Alfred Lohninger, scientific and medical director of Autonom Health®. Based on these findings, the lifefire coaches will suggest measures and activities to restore your personal rhythm, starting already during your holidays in the Kleinwalsertal.

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