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Amazing Culture in Vorarlberg

High-key and smaller festivals in cities and villages, at Lake Constance and in the mountains, present music from classics to pop. Museums and exhibitions tell about the past and the present, showcasing artisanry and personal life stories.

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    Bregenz Festival – 70th anniversary - "Turandot"

    The festival performances on the floating stage do not only stun their audience because of the spectacular stage setting and wonderful music. A unique, ever-so-special atmosphere is created every night by Lake Constance and the changing weather.

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    berge.hören, Kultur- und Genusswanderungen im Brandnertal

    berge.hören (hear.the.mountains): Culture and Pleasure Walks

    On several dates in September are themed culture and pleasure walks in the Brandnertal valley and in the town of Bludenz under the motto of berge.hören. Together with musicians playing folk and world music, the party will hike to a mountain lodge, gather new acoustic and visual impressions, and ultimately enjoy a culinary treat at the lodge.

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    vorarlberg museum, Bregenz, Bodensee-Vorarlberg, Österreich

    vorarlberg museum in Bregenz

    Having undergone a thorough revamping, the vorarlberg museum re-opened three years ago. Integrating listed parts, the building was designed by the multi-award winning Vorarlberg architects Cukrowicz Nachbaur, most recently the winners of “Best Architects 14“ label in gold, the International Architecture Award 2014 and a prize at the Vorarlberg Builder Award 2015

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    Werkraum Building in the Bregenzerwald - Exhibitions

    The Werkraum Haus in Andelsbuch in Bregenzerwald was conceived as a showcase of innovative artisanry and craftsmanship in the Bregenzerwald. The hall-like transparent structure was designed by the renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor.

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    Kunsthaus Bregenz

    Kunsthaus Bregenz

    Designed by the renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, Kunsthaus Bregenz (KUB) is one of Europe’s leading museums of contemporary art.

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    vorarlbegmuseum bregenz

    vorarlberg museum in Bregenz

    In the summer of 2013, the reconstructed and enlarged vorarlberg museum was reopened in Bregenz.

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    Jewish Quarter and Jewish Museum Hohenems

    The Jewish Museum of Hohenems, as a regional museum, remembers the rural Jewish community of Hohenems and its various contributions to the development of Vorarlberg and the surrounding regions.

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