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Cuisine in Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg has a wealth of palate-pleasing dining experiences on offer, in star-studded restaurants, rustic inns, markets and gourmet manufactures. The recipe for success? No-frills cuisine that relies on regional and seasonal produce.

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    Souvenir Space

    Whether culinary or handcrafted, the typical holiday souvenirs from Vorarlberg include:

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    Relishing a breakfast on the mountains

    Enjoying culinary treats in exquisite surroundings - start your day with a mountain breakfast

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    Learn how to cook, bake and make cheese

    Do it yourself: Vorarlberg Cooks will help you with expert advice

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    Tastebud Tempting

    Vorarlberg’s chefs are uncompromising when it comes to top-notch quality and innovative cuisine. Most of the products they use are sourced regionally, directly from farmhouses, dairy-farms or delicatessen producers. Ingenuity which one can literally taste.

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    ”Vorarlberg isst ...“

    You dine better ... in Vorarlberg. Vorarlberg restaurateurs and innkeepers subscribe to quality, whether in regional or ethnic cuisine,
    rustic inn or gourmet restaurant, in-crowd eatery or wine cellar – customer satisfaction reigns supreme. For suggestions on culinary events, recipes by award-winning chefs, the best dining experiences, and to order the Vorarlberg dining guide, visit (german language only)

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    Recipe for "Kässpätzle"

    2013_Vorarlberger-Kässpätzle © michaelgunz.at_200px.jpg

    Cheese spaetzle or cheese knoepfle. To most people from Vorarlberg, the very word sounds mouth watering, as they anticipate a wonderful meal and lively conversation. Since not all cheese spaetzle are genuine cheese spaetzle. And every chef has his or her own recipe.


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