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KäseStrasse Bregenzerwald (Cheese Route)

KäseStrasse (literally the CheeseRoute) is a marketing pool in which farmers, dairy farmers, innkeepers, craftspeople and merchants have joined to cultivate and preserve the small-scale landscape and the diversity of local produce. And by the way, giving credence to the travel magazine Merian, the Bregenzerwald is for cheese connoisseurs what Bordeaux is for wine lovers

Alpine cheese and more...

Cheese is one of the main agricultural products of Vorarlberg.
Taste from more than 30 variations of cheese
Cheese is one of the main agricultural products of Vorarlberg. Alpine cheese or "Bergkäse" is a regional specialty, a protected trademark in the EU, and the basis for many traditional and new dishes. Vorarlberg has about 40 regional types of cheese.

The KäseStrasse isn’t a street or a road in the usual sense: it is a union of experts from various disciplines. The range of offerings involving cheese includes "alp" dairies and private cheese makers, farms open to visitors, farmyard shops, inns with special cheese dishes on their menus, butchers, bakers, specialty shops with cheese products as well as traditional craft shops. The members of this network offer tasting sessions throughout the year and reveal some secrets on cheese production.

The Cheese Street which includes a great number of businesses is absolutely unique. The project was drawn up within the framework of an EU program for rural development (LEADER II). The businesses integrated in the Cheese Street network rang among the regional elite regarding cheese and regional specialties. Only those who meet the highest quality standards are allowed to become members of the Cheese Street. All the stations along the Cheese Streets are marked uniformly.
The cheese house in Lingenau (Architect DI Oskar Leo Kaufmann)
KäseStrasse Bregenzerwald
Verein zur Förderung der Bregenzerwälder Käsekultur
Zeihenbühl 423, 6951 Lingenau
Tel. +43 (0)5513 42870-41
Fax +43 (0)5513 42870-40

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    Recipe for "Kässpätzle"

    2013_Vorarlberger-Kässpätzle © michaelgunz.at_200px.jpg

    Cheese spaetzle or cheese knoepfle. To most people from Vorarlberg, the very word sounds mouth watering, as they anticipate a wonderful meal and lively conversation. Since not all cheese spaetzle are genuine cheese spaetzle. And every chef has his or her own recipe.


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