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Heartfelt Hospitality

Look! What an unusual combination, here the old farmhouse with a barn, there the contemporary structure. Worlds apart, but still a fitting match. The timber radiates a pleasant warmth, and the old building is all cosiness. The new one, bathed in light. The views from up there must be stunning.

Spoilt for choice
Modern or traditional, elegant or rustic, romantic or relaxed - accommodation in Vorarlberg is as varied as the tastes of its guests, from 5-star superior hotels to typical farmhouses. Almost all businesses are family run, often throughout generations. Many hotels offer signature programmes around wellbeing, featuring light-flooded wellness sanctuaries with knock-out views of the surrounding nature. Others cater specifically to the needs of young families. What they all have in common is warm and heartfelt hospitality, and pampering service to the highest standards of excellence.

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