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Summer in Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg enjoys a supreme location in Austria’s most western part. Pleasantly small in size, it offers a mix of high-carat culture and dazzling natural scenery.

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    Packages: Vorarlberg at a Glance

    You are looking at a package deal? Vorarlberg has a number of holiday deals to offer! From family-friendly hotels, to luxurious spa retreats and outdoor playgrounds for hikers of all levels...

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    Burg Hotel Oberlech - Wandern mit Kindern

    Hiking in the Vorarlberg Mountains

    It is the twofold embrace of nature and culture in one region which brings unexpected treasures to light, the deeper you search. Precious terrain for modern-day pleasure hiking. The breath of the mountains has a soothing effect, slowing down the hectic pace of life to time that is measured on a human scale.

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    Werkraum Haus Bregenzerwald, Foto: Adolf Bereuter

    NEW Werkraum Building in the Bregenzerwald

    In summer 2013, the Werkraum building opened in the centre of Andelsbuch.

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    Die Zauberflöte, Spiel auf dem See 2013 © Bregenzer Festspiele_Ralph Larmann_200px.jpg

    Bregenz Festival 2014

    The festival performances on the floating stage do not only stun their audience because of the spectacular stage set and wonderful music. A unique, ever-so-special atmosphere is created every night by Lake Constance and the changing weather.

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