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Summer in Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg is located in the westernmost part of Austria, nestling between Lake Constance and the Alps, neighbouring Germany, Switzerland and the principality of Liechtenstein. Pleasantly small in size, this region stands out for high-carat culture and ever-so-stunning natural scenery.

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    Mehrtägige Wanderung Lechquellenrunde in Lech Zuers am Arlberg

    Several-day hiking tours in Vorarlberg

    For a perfect time out, go on a hiking tour where you spend the night on the mountains. In Vorarlberg, there are several rewarding routes to huts in splendid location.

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    Sonnenaufgangswanderung (c) Ludwig Berchtold, Vorarlberg Tourismus

    Moments of Pleasure in Vorarlberg

    Beautiful scenery and startling architecture. A delight for the senses. The sun rises on the horizon. Peace and serenity reign on the summit. Sweeping views unfold over the mountains, pastures and valleys, extending all the way to Lake Constance. What a glorious start to a day filled with discoveries.

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    Die Pfänder-Panorama-Seilbahn mit Blick auf den Bodensee

    Summer Top Offers

    Vorarlberg has a wealth of programmes and activities within a compact area in store. All-in packages which the different regions offer at given times are a good choice if you want to discover Vorarlberg at bargain rates.

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    Summer in Vorarlberg interactive

    Small helpers come in handy to assist you in preparing a tour or finding your bearings on site. Interactive maps give a detailed description of many routes. For every mapped itinerary, there is information which can be downloaded and printed. Extra information on sites worth seeing or places to rest, photos or bus stops can be retrieved via different layers.

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    Burg Hotel Oberlech - Wandern mit Kindern

    Hiking in the Vorarlberg Mountains

    It is the twofold embrace of nature and culture in one region which brings unexpected treasures to light, the deeper you search. Precious terrain for modern-day pleasure hiking. The breath of the mountains has a soothing effect, slowing down the hectic pace of life to time that is measured on a human scale.

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